Our Construction Management team oversee's the planning, design and construction of a project, from inception to completion. When we take on a construction management project, we manage the project schedule, supervise costs and ensure that high quality standards are met. Our intricate knowledge of building practices makes us uniquely qualified to manage your project more efficiently and affordably through meticulous planning, scheduling and management of every aspect of the project. This approach ensures that our projects are delivered on time, within budget and to our clients’ specifications.


Once construction commences, our team will provide for the following:

  • Representative / Project Status Reports

  • Submittal Procedures

  • Contract Document Review

  • Site Logistics Plan

  • Construction Schedule / Construction Procedures Review/Schedule Updates

  • Job-Site Meetings

  • Cost Reporting

  • Payment Verification and Coordination

  • Coordination of Change Orders

  • As Built Documents

  • Negotiation of Change Orders

  • Coordination of Technical Inspection and Testing

Following the construction phase, our seasoned professionals will then perform the following services to expeditiously and efficiently transition into an operational environment. 

  • Occupancy Permit

  • Support Furniture / Fixtures / Equipment Installation Activity

  • Move-In Coordination

  • Claims Evaluation

  • Warranty Period